Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Back On The Trail - By Trev

The last time we went out as the duo of Summit or Nothing was in the last weeks of the summer – on one of the best weekends that the wet season had offered us, when we were hiking across the roof top of the Brecon Beacons and our sign off went something along the line of “and we have loads more to come this year, more wild camp, more Dartmoor hikes, a look in at Dartmoor’s neighbouring Exmoor, some bush crafting… so what happened?

Used GIMP and Sony Vegas to create these visually stunning Thumbnails Nath, Trev and Moby - Hiking On Dartmoor - Summit or Nothing Thumbnail

Well, we weren’t lying – we had intended all of those things, but sometimes life gets in the way. Nath’s work load had been stepped up, I had taken on some side projects that limited my spare time, and our two lives just didn't align there for a while, especially on our weekends. Nath couldn’t spare a Saturday, I couldn’t spare a Sunday and so, for what seemed like an age, Summit or Nothing took an unprecedented hiatus.


Ok, so we were lucky to have kept the Summit or Nothing Youtube channel going throughout that time… just! … We had the girls go out and give us four episodes of Struggling For Nothing, which was received very well and gave us a run for our money, I also had been out on a number of solo Day Hike’s along the South West Coast path and it gave me a chance to re-edit our very first video too and upload onto the Summit or Nothing channel in episodic format, as the first time those episodes were uploaded was to the Hagfilms channel.  

It was a depressing time, there for a while. I know its hardly the end of the world, but it almost felt like our channel was slipping away from us. I know that other channels post up full-length videos, and sometimes months apart, but I had started this channel with the intention of uploading a video once weekly at least (we were lucky throughout the summer to be able to upload two or three videos a week too). I don’t know whether breaking episodes into smaller sections is everyone’s cup of tea, but I wanted to keep content dripping out, and from what feedback we have had, people do seem to like these bitesized episodes, and it always gave me somewhat of a safety net for any gaps we had during filming.

Hiking on Dartmoor National Park, Fernworthy Nath and Moby walking through Fernworthy Forest, Dartmoor

Literally, the very day that the last video I had to share went live (well, actually I could revisit our second hike too as that hasn’t been uploaded to Summit or Nothing either, but now I can save that for another time), we were finally able to meet up, unfortunately not for a wild camp this time, but at least it got us out for a day hike and back on Dartmoor, too.


The weather had changed, November bringing with it blustery winter winds, but to be back out with my old buddy Nath, and the old boy Moby, did feel like somewhat of a reunion, and it didn't take long for us to get back into the swing of documenting our hike, in our usual warts and all style. And at last we had a seperate mission to get on with besides our three peaks challenge and crossing of the 365 squares from our Dartmoor map (check our interactive map here).


We had recently logged into a site called peakery where hikers and mountaineers can log all the peaks and summits they accomplish the world over, and as I went back through our previous adventures, logging all of our conquests of UP, I soon realised that we had been ticking off tors in the Peakery Dartmoor High Tor Challenge. So what I did, was located the remaining peaks on my OS MAP and decided from there where our next outing would be.

Birdseye Google Earth View of Fernworthy Forest Dartmoor

Fernworthy forest sat right next to two such high peaks – White Ridge and Assycombe Hill, so this seemed as good a place to start as any, and if anything we could create a nice circular walk here taking in those points of interest and some ancient stone rows and circles along the way. It was a good day, and with some great laughs and banter along the way, and to have something new to edit was a joy to me. And as of last night, our first episode went live on YouTube and to some fantastic comments from our faithful followers. Its great to know that you guys are out there and still enjoying the show. And I hope that you would be glad to know that we have already pencilled in our next hike, which should happen before this current series of videos ends too, so, dare I say it, we’re back on track!  


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