Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Introduction to Summit or Nothing - the website

2 August 2017

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Well, well, well. Summit or Nothing’s gone done got a blog!

Ill founded grammatical colloquialism aside, we really have gone and acquired ourselves a blog, and a website, and a domain name and everything. So that’s cool, huh? And so, here is the ‘first blog’, blog number one, numero uno and… what to say?

At first I considered back tracking and going through all of our previous hikes, reworking each of our Vlogs into blog form, but not only would that be completely boring for you, my fellow viewers (now readers) to revisit old walks (I will just put links to our videos on the site somewhere for those of you noobs to Summit or Nothing) but I would also find the constantly trying to catch up with a year and a half’s worth of outings incredibly tedious.

So do I just tell you about the current walks and outings in a greater detail? What? And ruin the cliffhanger episode format of our successful twice weekly YouTube formula?

So, then? What are you going to discuss Trev?

Maybe I shall just sit at the keyboard and make my brains musings spew from my fingers and see what comes out. Why not, I have just done that for the past ten minutes and look how that turned out. Fantastic!

Of course I will discuss our hikes and adventures really. No point having a hiking website and not discuss our hikes. I will just have to try to coax you guys along, use the blog to hint at the forthcoming adventures so that you are absolutely hooked and riveted to each webisode, discussing the walks we have done, our mishaps and misadventures, but not giving the full game away. An accompaniment to the Vlog’s but without divulging every hilarious moment.

So, exciting times ahead. You guys are probably thinking where do you get the time, not just for clocking up the miles on foot, editing the videos (40 hours plus was spent on the Lake District videos!) and managing the Facebook and Instagram accounts, but also for creating a website. My answer is simple, I have myself a strong woman, my wife Don-Don. She is the one who has revelled in the crafting of this website, and has kindly taken the time to sit through the endless tutorials and… well, whatever else was involved… I don’t know what, as I said I washed my hands of the responsibility, so many thanks to Don-Don at base camp!

One of the things I was thinking of adding to the page was a map of Dartmoor, and with crosses of each location we have visited with links to that specific video. A bit more interesting than simply a list of Tors, and that way any of you people who are plotting routes could use the map to find our vid’s and get some kind of idea of what to expect from that area. This maybe a bit ambitious for our web page, so at the moment its just a map with crosses on it to signify where we've been, but Don Don is looking into it, so watch this space.

I will also use the site to discuss new products, old products, tried and tested, and books and dvd's reviewed for the armchair adventurers. We may even feature the odd competition or two, where we hope to have some neat prizes to give away.

I would also like to use our page to promote our fellow youtube hikers, a community that welcomed us with open arms (despite our absolute lack of professionalism – or maybe because of it – sympathy vote) and will be doing a weekly blog recommending our “video of the week”, each week featuring our favourite video from other channels. I will also try to get Nath to do a bit here and there, although he is always busy, but has assured me he will help us out.

So, anyway, welcome to our website, and thanks for taking the time to read our very first blog. Flick through, comment, and give us some feedback, tell us what you'd like to see, where you'd like us to go etc. But most of all. Enjoy! 



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