Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes


From Minehead To Poole Harbour

My South West Coast Path walk so far What I've walked so far of the South West Coast Path

Look at that picture above. That's the Southwest of England. Now, look at the two-way markers, well that's what I have accomplished so far in one continuous run of coast and cliffs - 38 miles of 630. 


This all started by accident, as you may know, if you have been a subscriber to our YouTube Channel, and have been keeping up to date with the South West Coast Path playlist or even if you have just read through some of the Walking Routes on this very website, then you would have seen me just taking in a few points of the Coastal walk here and there, either as training for our Mountain HIking or just as circular walks to pass the time. 

Well, somewhere along the way, I made the decision to attempt to tackle the South West Coast path in its entirety, from Minehead in Somerset to Poole Harbour in Dorset (just not necessarily in that order). 630 miles of arduous yet beautiful landscape with lots of ups and downs. 

South West Coast Path, Widemouth Bay Its me on the Coast Path, heading away from Widemouth Bay

So, I'm not starting at the beginning, nor am I doing it in any particular order, and I'm not doing it in massive chunks either, so a bit unorthodox, I admit. I've started locally to me, along the North West Cornwall Coast, and am planning on spanning out, but that's not to say that I may not just jump ahead here and there to take in other coastlines as and when I feel a change. I may jump over to South Devon for a spell, or southern Cornwall when I so choose, but regardless, however, I do this, I plan on treading every foot of the trail.


I'm hoping that Nath will join me for some of it, as well as anyone else who may wish to join me for any particular sections. My wife has said she would like to see some, and my friend Stan is in South Devon, so I may ask him to join me when I'm going in that direction, and my friend Dionis (Den) has also come along for the ride (or walk) too.
But for the most part, I imagine that it's going to be me, myself and I, oh, and my camera to film the journey. Of course, anyone who is unable to do the walk themselves can watch the videos and feel a little like they have achieved the walk too. In fact, the Playlist on our Youtube Channel will post every video in order from Minehead to Poole, so when its complete, you could, if you wished, literally go on the entire journey in order. Wouldn't that be epic?

The Harbour at Clovelly North Devon The fishing Village at Clovelly in North Devon

Anyway, there's lots of scenery to take in, the beautiful Boscastle Harbour, for one, or the idyllic fishing village of Clovelly (pictured right), as well as an assortment of wonderful wild life that I may bump into along the way (so far I have seen a field mouse, a seal, a kestrel and an array of farmland animals)

So far, I have walked from just before Welcombe Mouth in North Devon, to Port Isaac, and have taken in some amazing sites along the way. I have endless pictures of Cliffs in my phone now, and am boring all of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram with the very same pictures. And for any of you who may have missed them, I will post some more below haha! 


Well, I shall keep walking, and keep on filming, and try to keep up to date with blogging too for those of you who may prefer reading than watching our videos, although I can't possibly understand why - the videos bring this dramatic and beautiful coastline to life. So please, join us on this fantastic walk, and if you are unable to get out yourself, then I intend to take you with me on the whole 630 miles of this arduous but breathtaking landscape.

south west coast path trebarwith strand and port isaac Shot from the South West Coast Path between Trebarwith Strand and Port Isaac
Walking the south west coast path Sheep. There's lots of Sheep on the South West Coast Path
sea mist over the cliffs of Bude and Widemouth - walking the south west coastal path The haze of the sea-mist between Bude and Widemouth
Walking the south west coast path between Boscastle and Tintagel Goats between Boscastle and Tintagel