Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Whats in the pipeline

7 August 2017

Hello. Trev here, Summit or Nothing. And this is the second blog to feature on our brand spanking new web site.

Today I am going to discuss with you a few of the things we have to look forward to on our ever expanding YouTube channel. As my dear old mum always told me, a happy man always has something to look forward to, and we have lots to look forward to here, so I am happy.

Obviously we are part way through our three peaks challenge (two thirds through to be precise) as we have ticked off Snowdon, and most recently Scafell Pike, leaving only Scotland’s highest peak left to conquer. But being situated as far South of the country as we can get, you can imagine that with every mountain getting further North from us, these things take time and money to achieve, something we are forever struggling with, so Old Ben (Nevis not Kenobi) may be a little way off yet. Not to worry though, there’s always much more to get on with in between.

Before we go climbing the tallest of the three Summits, we still need a lot more training with regards to conquering such a grand UP. Dartmoor, although full of considerable Ups, is still only a baby, so the next thing we have planned is a trip to the Breacon Beacons! This was a cheeky one really, as both Nathan and myself have only just got back from Hiking the Lake District, and wanted to keep the ball rolling, we both knew that it was a considerable ask of our spouses to want to clear off again so quickly… So Nath had the cunning idea to recommend a family camping holiday so we could take the wife and kids as well and leave them to do day trips whilst we went and got lost on the highest mountain range in the south of the country.

His plan worked, and my wife Don-Don - who just loves organising holidays - perhaps as much as she loves holidays, soon set to work finding an ideally situated camp site for us to use as base camp. So that’s a goer then. Fantastic!

What else do we have planned? We have a video of our latest outing to Dartmoor currently in the edit, where Nathan and I attempted (for the second time) to find the elusive Cranmere Pool, which I believe is the most remote part in the 365 square miles that Dartmoor has to offer. Its of no surprise that this time we achieved it, I have shared pics and the Viewranger map on our Facebook page, but the getting there was half the fun (or not), as you will surely see in our videos.

Without giving too much away, the area was horrendous, and both Nathan and myself had a day that left us both wishing we hadn’t bothered. 15Km of unforgiving terrain, and I was aching for days after.

Something else in the pipeline, is a planned excursion with a difference. Often accused by our ‘better halves’ that we are good at making mountains out of molehills with our expeditions and videos, we threw down the gauntlet, and basically said, ‘if you think its so easy, why don’t you have a go?’ to which Don-Don and Jem-Jem have glady accepted, and have now set a date in which they too will venture out onto the moor, armed with camcorders and ‘smaller backpacks’ to create their own version of Summit or Nothing (which we are considering naming ‘Struggling for Nothing’).

Whether they have an epic fail, or (most probably) make it look easier than we do, the videos should make for entertaining viewing, and add a little bit of sex appeal too, as long as they both wear the Lara Croft outfits we have suggested!

So, another day another blog. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions of things that you would like to see from us (with in reason).

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