Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Dartmoor Walks

Hiking On Dartmoor, Black-a-Tor Copse, West Okement River Nath, looking across the West Okement River, and Black-A-Tor-Copse

For nearly three years we have taken in some amazing sites whilst Hiking on Dartmoor, we have crossed off many squares from the Dartmoor 365 map, and recorded our many adventures in hiking vlogs and hiking blogs for you to watch on the Summit or Nothing YouTube Channel. But we would love for you guys to join in our walks, too, and follow in our footsteps, so here are some of our walks in word form, a simple list of directions for you to read through.

Although I am going to list our routes, it is important that when you travel into the moors that you have an OS map and compass, and always keep track of where you are going, as when the weather comes in, and visibility is bad, it is easy to lose your bearings, and the North Moor is particularly unforgiving.


Simply click the title or the picture of the walk you're interested in and you're away. Feel free to print these pages and take them out with you, and let us know how you get on. Thanks! And Enjoy!!

dartmoor walk, Yes Tor, High Willhays, Highest Points Trev on Yes Tor, Dartmoors second highest point

Sourton to High Willhays Circular Walk


High Willhays is situated on the North East Moor of Dartmoor National Park, and is the highest point in the UK south of the Brecon Beacons. This walk was my first introduction to both hiking and Dartmoor, and what a fantastic introduction it was too, especially as were spoilt with the weather.  

Nath summitting Fur Tor, Dartmoors most remote tor

Fur Tor from Wilsworthy Circular Walk

On our second walk on Dartmoor, we once again ventured onto the North Moor, this time starting at Wilsworthy and taking in the remote Fur Tor. A lengthy walk along the scenic Tavy Cleave valley, with an arduous climb to summit the Tor.

Summit or Nothing standing on top of Great Links Tor

Great Links Tor Circular Dartmoor Walk


The third walk and one of our favorites was when we did this lengthy Circular walk through Dartmoors North Moor once again. It also happens to be where Summit or Nothing was born, in case you wondered.

Belstone Tor in the mist

Okehampton Range Circular Walk


The fourth outing from Summit or Nothing may not have had the weather of the first three, but there was plenty to see, including Irishman's Wall, Cosdon Beacon and The White Moor Stone Circle

The popular yet impressive Haytor

Haytor Circular Walk 


Dartmoor walk number five was our first outing onto the South Moor, and the beautiful area surrounding the popular Haytor. If it wasn't for the crowds and the navigational fail, this would have been one of the best so far! 

Burrator Reservoir and Surrounding Tors


This wintery 8km walk was a stunning way to start the new year of 2017 and a great way to break ourselves back into the diverse landscape of Dartmoor; woodland walks, reservoir views, fantastic tors and leat-side strolls all in one.

Middle Staple Tor, Dartmoor walk, Merrivale Middle Staple Tor, Merrivale, Dartmoor

Merrivale Circular Walk

A fantastic but strenuous12km walk is a brilliant way to sample an abundance of what Dartmoor is best known for, taking in numerous tors and antiquities and river crossings in Dartmoor's Merrivale area.

The eerie Wistmans Wood

Two Bridges / Wistman's Wood Circular

13km's of hard terrain, lots of up, and lots of tussocky ground to get over, with river crossings, and entering the military range, but some fantastic tors, historical sites and the spellbinding Wistman's Wood make it worth the challenge.

Okehampton Camp to High Willhays Circular Walk

This strenuous12km Dartmoor walk, once again takes us to Dartmoor''s highest point High Willhays but from another direction, visiting Yes Tor, West Mill Tor as well as capitalising on the amazing views of Meldon Reservoir. 

Cranmere Pool Circular Walk


This 14km walk was a hard slog across some horrendous terrain which we probably would not have set foot into had it not been for trying to find Dartmoors most remote letterbox, at Cranmere Pool.

Ten Tors In Ten Miles From Sourton


Ten tough miles over thankless and marshy terrain but with a avriety of tors to tick off. It was dry when I walked it, and the tors start smaller and end with a fantastic climax! 

Mini Ten Tors - Hound Tor to Hound Tor


This fantastic ten mile circular walk is a great way to visit and explore the famous tors of Hound Tor and Haytor and all the beauty and history that can be found between!