Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Sandymouth to Bude - Coastal Walk

South West Coastal Path - Sandymouth Sandymouth Coastline

The walk begins in Sandymouth Car Park, and I headed South along the clifftops, getting a great view of the beaches below. Before too long I passed a construction which I suggested looked like a small tram platform, but one of our viewers ‘donkeyfur’ pointed out that it was actually a World War II rifle training range, which obviously made more sense.


Lundy Island from Northcott Mouth Near Bude Lundy Island from Northcott Mouth

Next you reach Northcott Mouth, another National Trust preserved beach. Its a bit of a steep climb down to the beach, but then a fairly gentle rise back up the other side and back up onto the cliff tops above, but remember, the steep descent becomes a steep ascent on the return journey!


From high on these cliff tops you can take in the views around, looking ahead you can take in the clifftops of Tintagel, Boscastle, Port Isaac reaching away into the distance, and if you look behind, you can see Lundy Island sitting a little way off of the coastline, and on top of the clifftops by Morwenstow, you can see the satellites of GCHQ.

Budes Crooklets Beach Beach Huts Crooklets Beach Huts

Soon Bude comes into view, and the first beach you will reach will be Crooklets Beach, where you can enjoy refreshments at either of the beaches cafe's, before continuing up past the colourful picturesque beach cabins and heading towards Sumerleaze Beach. Along here, just beyond what is known to the locals as the middle beach, you can look down on the impressive sea pool.

Once you reach the lifeguard hut that over looks the sea pool, you can make your way down to the beach, to cross over, and head for the little bridge across the stream. In high tide, you may have to walk a little further and make your way to the beach via the clifftop restaurant ‘Life's a Beach’, as I did in my walk, but during low tide, the beaches at Bude reach out for what seems a mile and you can easily cross at any point.


Once you cross the little bridge across the breakwater, head up until you reach the Canal’s lock gate. Which you also cross, taking a right to head towards the clifftop once again. If I had more time I would have taken a left along the Coastal Path a further three miles or so to neighbouring Widemouth Bay, but I didnt, and so took a right and made my way over to the man made breakwater wall and up the lookout on top. The views from here are beautiful, especially looking back towards the town, with numerous colourful fishing boats moored up on the beaches.

Bude Beach Breakwater South west Coastal Path Bude Beach at High Tide From The breakwater

From here, I made my way across the next beach over towards the final destination of this walk,Compass Point, a quaint little construction that sits proudly on the headland and looks over both Beach and Ocean alike. Walk past the arched rock formation, past the crabbing cages kept under stone arches, and back up to the cliff tops, taking in a steep climb before reaching Compass Point.


Sadly, this was all I had time for on this occasion and I ended up having to turn around and walk back the route I came back towards Sandymouth CarPark. I’m sure there is a circular walk here somewhere, but I was left no choice. But, alas, a nice walk, and a healthy 6 mile walk to take up a spare morning!


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  • Peter (Thursday, August 27 20 03:37 pm BST)

    Thanks for that. I hope to repeat this walk or similar in a weeks time so that was very udseful.