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Slide show of photos from our hikes

A Choose Your Own Adventure Video Game

I've always been a bit of a geek, and I freely admit it, and as you know, I also love a bit of the video editing, and film making. Well, one thing that I have always wanted to do was create a Choose Your Own Adventure video game to upload on YouTube. In fact, back when we were making films and comedy sketches as Hagfilms, I planned an entire detective series that would be uploaded to YouTube in a series of videos for you, the viewer, to choose the protagonists journey through the story. But, alas, it never got made.


For a while I was wondering how I could create a Choose Your Own Adventure for the Summit or Nothing channel, but the idea got put to the back of my mind for a long while until I recently watched/played the Black Mirror Choose Your Own Adventure film/game Bandersnatch, exclusive to Netflix, and the idea of creating my own game/show was soon back in the forefront of my mind. But how to do it?


I knew how I could use YouTube's existing technology to create the series, but the question that stumped me was how to incorporate the idea to the Summit or Nothing channel? The answer actually came to me in a dream, and surprisingly, it was more obvious than I had been thinking.


Get the viewer to help navigate Nath and Trev through Dartmoor, from North to South, or Belstone Tor to Western Beacon! 

It made sense, I mean, we had explored so much of Dartmoor that we could easily knock something together using the existing footage of the locations that we had already visited.


Having just awoken from my dream, I raced out of bed, and at 3am I sat scribbling the ideas down before my dream faded. The following morning, bleary-eyed, I showed Don-Don the fruits of my labour, basically a scrawled map of Dartmoor with numerous squares scattered throughout it, each with a location name in it, and a spiderweb of lines connecting them all together. It looked complicated, and I thought Don was going to roll her eyes and say "Why are you bothering with this?" but instead she said, "You need a spreadsheet!" Don loves spreadsheets.


Having Don on board, and devising a spreadsheet made it a lot simpler to get underway, and soon we had the whole thing planned out from start to finish, and it was going to be huge. It became apparent that to keep track of the distance, each location that you pass through would have be uploaded a number of times to take into account the mileage (or km's) that  would accumulate with each choice, which meant that a total of 136 videos would have to be made with 46 possible outcomes, 2 of which were dead ends, passing through over 30 possible locations.


The biggest problem now was going to be how do we get people to decide the route? I thought that if we had the links at the end of each video saying "Go to Fur Tor" that anyone with a knowledge of the moor would instantly have an advantage, and I wanted everyone to have a chance of winning, so we decided that the links should be "Follow Trev" or "Follow Nath".The first video required 3 directions to get us out into different parts of the moor, so we added "Follow Moby" to the choices.

Anyway, now the game has been uploaded, and hopefully running smoothly. If you want to try it out, simply Click on the thumbnail to the right and off you pop. When you get to the end, drop a comment under the relevant video and call back here to see if you make the scoreboard below. 


Good luck and enjoy! 


Choose Your Own Adventure - Wall Of Fame
1 5x5boy 40km 
2 George Post 40km
3 Pitkin03 40km
4 Tom Egan 40km
5 Dan O'Donovan 40km
6 Rob Howell 40km
7 Paddy's Adventures 40
8 Robert Gayton 40.7
9 Kayak Canals and Rivers UK 41km
10 Rob Howell 41.1km


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  • Den (Friday, March 20 20 07:49 pm GMT)

    Dennis 41.6km very poor.

  • John Lewis (Friday, January 10 20 08:43 am GMT)

    Will have to play that again, not even close at 43km

  • Martin L (Monday, March 04 19 11:11 pm GMT)


  • Pitkin03 (Monday, March 04 19 06:25 pm GMT)

    Well done 5x5 boy 👍👍👍

    10th lol, was third to comment on the 40km video. Off to do it again now with the boy and see where else we can find

  • Patrick (Monday, March 04 19 12:28 pm GMT)

    40km, bit late still had fun

  • Rob Howell (Sunday, March 03 19 10:29 pm GMT)

    41.1km still not the shortest

  • David Patrick (Sunday, March 03 19 09:50 pm GMT)

    not the shortest route for me, but wasnt too bad.

    43.2km was my total distance, and that puts me top until someone else finds a better route!

  • George Post (Sunday, March 03 19 09:40 pm GMT)

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.