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Slide show of photos from our hikes

The Best Budget Backpacking Tents of Summit or Nothing

lanshan 2 ultralight budget backpacking tent Trev's Lanshan 2, Wild camping at Easdale Tarn in the Lake district

There are so many choices of tent out there on the market that it can be a task trying to decide. Over the years, Trev has had a few lightweight backpacking tents that he has tried and tested and will now review for you. Click the image or the title to be taken to the links for purchasing.


Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Upgrade

Price - £120
Colours - Grey/Red, Orange,           Light Green, Forest Green
Weight - 1.71kgs (3.76lbs)


This reasonably priced and considerably lightweight backpacking tent has been my go-to tent for over a year now and definitely the most tested tent that I own. 

It's advertised as a 3-4 season, and indeed I have tested it in many conditions ranging from idyllic summer nights to gusty and wet winter evenings.

The upgraded version has been modified by Naturehike adjusting to feedback from its customers. Changes made in the new Upgraded version are :

  • New 4-limbed freestanding skeleton
  • Additional Guy Ropes for extra stability in all weathers
  • Additional ventilation


At less than 1.8kg's (3.96lbs) this two-man tent is a reasonable weight for the size. The tent is made from 20D Nylon with fully taped silicone-coated seams for enduring water resistance and can be put up outer or inner first. It's easy to erect and its free-standing frame make it equally as easy to reposition.


It's poles are made from 7001 aluminium, and its lightweight aluminium pegs are designed with a triple spine that creates extra strength and reduces the chance of twisting out of the ground in strong winds. 


I only ever use it as a one-man tent, as it fits myself and my gear perfectly. But that being said the generously sized vestibule could easily store your gear if you did want to share. Although it is large enough to be comfortable it isn't too big that you struggle to heat it during those icy winter months. 

In hotter climates, the outer skin can be disregarded and the breathable mesh inner would keep any insects at bay - or for additional weight-saving, you can even use it as a tarp styled set up, with the poles clipping into the additional groundsheet.

This tent even outperformed the higher-priced MSR Elixir when we both got caught in 60mph winds. 

To watch our video reviews of this tent simply click on the links below

  1. First Look Review
  2. Bad Weather Test 
  3. Outer skin first and tarp styled set up
  4. Assessing the Damage after 60mph
  5. Cloud Up vs Lanshan 2 Comparison




Price - £100 plus
Colours - White / Green / Yellow / Red / Black

Weight - 1155g's (2.54lbs)

The Lanshan 2 is an excellent ultralight backpacking tent and a real bargain too. It has two entrances, either side, each with its own generous sized vestibule, so you really do get a lot of space inside.

As the inner and outer come clipped together, it can be thrown up with minimal effort, and it's designed to be put up with your hiking poles so the hiker saves weight from the outset. 

I bought mine for taking with me on the coast path, allowing me to get two days of walking in (admittedly I only managed to get out on the coast once, but the tent has done me well on a number of occasions).

However, there are many different versions and options, which are worth looking out for when you order. When I purchased mine, I stupidly bought the lightweight meshed inner which in the middle of winter was pretty cold to say the least.

Also, it is worth having a test run first, if possible, as my first time throwing it up was a bit of a head-scratcher, and it looked as though a light breeze would have toppled it over.


And also, it comes with a handful of pegs, with the inner and outer corner being double pegged. I have found that just by purchasing some additional pegs and pegging each corner twice that the basin bottom sits nicer, but again I have been told I am doing it wrong. I probably am. 

Please note - I haven't personally tested this tent in any extreme weather yet, but I do know many others who have. It happens to be one of the most popular budget tents within the backpacking community.

To watch our videos simply click the Links below -

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3. Cloud Up 2 Vs Lanshan 2 Comparison



Price - £170 
Colour - Green 
Weight - 195kg

This was, for a long time, my go-to tent. It's low lying and resilient having withstood some of the harshest weather that Dartmoor has thrown us. Its moderately priced, reasonably lightweight and being an outer skin first set up its easy to put up. In fact - once it's been put up you can leave the inner and outer connected for ease in future.

I guess the reason that it is so resilient is that its tunnel shape, and the fact that it hugs low to the ground. However, this is also one of the flaws, the tent feels cramped and when camping during the winter having to spend 14 hours crammed in there begins to feel claustrophobic. Also, my version is slightly older and only has one entrance, on the side, so you always which has now been amended.

For a closer look at this video please feel free to watch some of the videos below

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3. Wild Camping in Sh*t Weather

Please note that the product links are affiliate links, which means that we will see a very marginal commission, of absolutely no extra cost to you. I appreciate any purchases that you may make through these links as they go towards funding our adventures and future reviews. 


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