Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Going Lightweight?

Nath's Latest Weight Saving Obsession!

Nath has got the bug - well, he got some scales first, and then he got the bug, and now he's weighing all of his hiking and camping gear to see where he can make an impressive weight saving in his backpack. Below are the videos in which he discusses such matters, with links to some of the products mentioned, simply click the dark font!.


We cannot stress enough that we are not professionals, and Nath's journey here is really from a newcomers perspective and so as time goes on, we will upload more videos of the kit in use and more reviews as we go. We are more than welcome to receive any feedback you guys may have concerning the products mentioned or gear reviews of your own, and hiking / wild camping advice or recommendations of your preferred hiking and camping gear and methods. So please, watch through the videos below and feel free to drop a comment below

In Video one, Nathan takes a quick look at his newest venture, weighing some of his old and new products and considering the options available to him. He also has a look at his brand new Sony Handycam, a camera that Trev has used as a reliable, tidy sized secondary camera for a long while, so Nath has bought his own. Its sturdy, tiny, and the batteries are reasonably cheap, but most importantly it is a robust product. Trevs Handycam has survived for 8 years and is still going strong. There are several new features on the newer models too, including image stabiliser and a really high-quality time-lapse option, which you can watch in the credits of our Pen Y Fan videos.


He also has chosen a new titanium mug, some lightweight titanium tent stakes, a Mountain Hardware Down Sleeping Bag which is lightweight and warm, so worth the extra pennies. And an extra purchase, one for pleasure rather than weight saving, was the folding pocket chair , an accessory that may not be beneficial, but then Nathan does like to sit! And he is loking forward to getting the new DD Hammocks Super lightweight 3x3 Tarp soon, to really cut out some wieght from his pack!

In his next video - Nath take us for a closer look in his backpack and goes a little further into his weight saving choices with regards to his hiking gear.  He discusses the pros and cons of his two preferred backpacks over his short spell of hiking, and they are the Berghaus 35 Free Flow (which he uses more and more these days as its a smaller pack and helps in his weight-saving exercises) and his faithful Osprey Atmos 50 which is a beautiful backpack, but a bit on the large size now Nath is slimming down the hiking and camping gear he takes with him on the trail. He also briefly discusses other changes to whittle down weight, including the subtraction of water, a massive save, now that he has purchased the MSR Trailshot water Filter.


Then he goes on to discuss with us some additional changes he has made to the clothing he wears, trying out lighter gear that does the same job as multiple layers, namely the Regatta Lightweight Rain Jacket and the Trespass Lightweight Fleece.

In the third video in the series, Summit or Nothings Nathan once again delves into his backpack and shows us more of the thought process behind his most recent weight saving purchases. The first item out of his backpack today is his two carbon fibre OEX hiking poles, which save him 200grams to his previous poles. Then he shows us some Adventure Food Dry Mix foods, which is a great addition to our hikes, and wild camps. The food is dry, so there for lighter, it uses less water, and is easier to prepare in our Jet Boil Zips than a boil in the bag, which uses a lot of gas to boil and wastes water by bubbling over.


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