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Which Waterfilter

I am still undecided myself as to which water filter to buy, but I have a couple on the cards that have been suggested to me. Below is a brief review of both products to help me decide which to use, and hopefully, it can help some of you guys out there too. Lets have a look then.

When we approached the general public via facebook groups, most who had used the Trailshot,  were sold, but there was another filter name being thrown around with great appreciation.


Please let us know your feedback on either of these products, or if there are any others that you would recommend, then please comment below.  

MSR Trailshot water filter MSR Trailshot water filter

MSR Trailshot – A handy sized light weight water filter

This product is the shit! Nath swears by it.

Handy sized (literally fits into your hand) and easy to use (ten pumps in the fist to prime and we’re off) this lightweight (142g) filter is a fantastic addition to any hiker / wild campers pack.

MSR is a name that is well accepted throughout the hiking community to offer fantastic lightweight solutions across the board when it comes to Outdoors, and the Trailshot is no exception! You can use it to drink directly from any water source, to fill containers / bottles or you can drink straight from it. It lasts for about 2000 litres before they recommend replacing the filters and has a 0.2 Micron absolute por size - which is good I guess.

For the usage you will get and the space you will save in storage, this filtration system is well worth the money.


The only draw back that Nath can see at the moment is that the cover cap folds the opposite way to what you think it should (see video). Apart from that, a great bit of kit and well recommended.


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Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration system

So now, I’m torn. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is half the price of the MSR Trailshot, and it is claimed can filter a staggering 100,000 Gallons of water – What the F---?


It comes with a drinking straw, an attachable water pouch and also can easily screw onto most water bottles. It weighs 56g’s and has a ).1 Micron absolute por size.


It seems to have more with it, including a filter cleaning plunger, so it seems that you have to carry a bit more around with you and from what I can gather from many online reviews, it is not as handy to use as the Trailshot, and can be a little frustrating.

Some have even suggested that it feels a little cheaply made, but for the most part, the reviews have all been highly positive in response.


Maybe I should get the sawyer so that Nathan and myself can do some comparison tests.






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