Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Dartmoor 365 Map   

Dartmoor 365 map Dartmoor 365 map

As we embark on our challenge of summiting the 3 peaks of Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis, we need somewhere to train, and being situated as far south as you could possibly be, away from the mountains of the North, we obviously choose the wild landscape of Dartmoor, which spreads for 365 miles across the South West.

Armed with the guidebook Dartmoor 365 by John Hayward, we begun tackling some of the terrain. Here is the map, as featured in the front of the book, and a great way for us to keep track of the places we have been.  Check below for a grid key where you can find the Summit or Nothing video's for each square!

Dartmoor 365 Video Key


Here is where you can watch the videos that relate to each of the squares we have crossed off on the Dartmoor 365 map so far. Simply find the crossed square of interest, then locate the destination in the key below, and click on the link eg D4E5 (Day 4 Episode 5) to reach the relevant video.


This page, to be honest has been a bloody nightmare as the book is sparce with information and Tors at times and occasionally we have missed a square or added one or two squares too many. We will add to this as we continue our exploration, so please, keep checking back.


B8 - Red a Ven Brook   -  D10E1                                                  

B9 - Okehampton Camp - D10E1

C7 - Longstone Hill- D10E2

C8 - Rowtor / Target Railway D10E7

C9 - East Okemont D4E1 / D11E1 / Winter Tor - D4E2 

C10 - Irishmans Wall / Belstone Tor - D4E3 / D4E4

C11 - Cosdon Hill - D4E6

D5 - Sourton / Sourton Tor - D1E1 - D1E5 - D3E1 

D6 - Shelstone Tor - D1E1 

D7 - High Willhays - D1E4 - D10E4

D8 - Yes Tor - D1E4 -  D10E4 

D9Open Moorland by Oke Tor - D4E7

D10 - Steeperton Tor - D4E8

D11 - Little Hound Tor / Stone Circles - D4E8

E5 - Rattlebrook Railway - D3E3

E6 -  Corn ridge / Kitty Tor - D3E2 - D3E3

E7 - Lints Tor (D11E5 / D11E6)

E8 - Dinger Tor (D11E6)

E9 - East Mill Tor - D11E2

E12 - Scorhill Stone Circles - D14E1

E13 - Gidleigh Tor (D14E4)

F5 - Great Links Tor - D3E3 

F6 - Bleak House Ruin - D13E2

F7 - Amicombe Hill - (D11E5)

F8 - Great Kneeset - (D11E5)

F9 - Ockerton Court - D11E3

F12 - Batworthy Stone Rows - D14E2

F13 - Kestor Rock - (D14E4)

G5 - Widgery Cross / Brat Tor - D3E4

G6 - Rattlebrook - D3E4 / D3E5

G8 - Black Ridge Peat Pass - (D11E5)

G9 - Cranmere Pool - D11E4

G12 - Long Stone - D14E2

G13 - Thornworthy Tor - D13E2

H4 - Willsworthy  - D2E1

H5 - Tavy Cleave - D2E2

H6 - Watern Oke - D2E3

H7 - Amicombe - D2E4

H8 - Fur Tor - D2E4 

H11 - White Ridge (D12E04)

H12 - Froggymead Stone Circles (D12E02)

H13 - Fernworthy Resevoir / Forest (D12E01)

I11 - Assycombe Hill (D12EO5)

I12 - Walls End (D12E04)

I13 - Chagford Common (D12E04)

J8 - Devils Tor / Beardown Man - D9E5

J9 - Browns House - D9E4

J16 - Jays Grave - D18E01

J17 - Bowermans Nose - D18E01

K5 - In dispute?

K6 - In dispute?

K8 - Open Mooreland - D9E5

K9 - In dispute (Crow Tor)

K10 - Higher white Tor D9E3 / Longaford Tor D9E2

K16 - D18E02

K17 - Hound Tor - D5E7 / D18E03 - Honeywell Tor / Bell Tor D18E02

K18 - Approaching Hound Tor D5E7

L4 - Cox Tor - D8E2 / D8E3

L5 - Great Staple Tor - D8E3 / D8E4

L6 - Great Mis Tor - D8E5 / D8E6

L8 - (not on map)  Beardown Tors - D9E5

L9 - Whistman's Wood - D9E6

L11 - Bellever Tor - (D16E02 / D17E03)

L12 - Bellever Forest (D16E02)

L17 - Hemsworthy Gate - D5E1

L18 - Saddle Tor - D5E2 / Haytor D5E3

M6 - Kings Tor - D7E6

M9 - Two Bridges D9E1

M10 - Crockern Tor - D9E1

M11 - Dunnabridge Pound - (D16E01)

M12 - Laughter Tor (D16E01)

M18 - Rippon Tor - D5E1

N6 - Foggin Tor / Swell Tor (D15E03)

N7 - Foggin Tor Quarry (D15E02)

N8 - Princetown / North Hessary Tor - D15E01

O6 -  Ingra Tor / Leeden Tor (D15E04)

O7 - Open Moorland (D1504)

P5 - (Not on map) Burrator Resevoir - D6E1

P6 - Sharpitor D6E2 - Leather Tor D6E3

P13 - In Dispute

P14 - Venford Twin Falls - D7E5

Q5 - Burrator Dam - D6E5

Q6 - Yellowmead Down - D6E4

R6 - Sheepstor - D6E5

U12 - Sharp Tor - D19E02

V12 - Piles Hill - D19E02

W11 - Harford - D19E01

W12 - Hangershell Rock - D19E01 / D19E03 / D19E04 )

W13 - Ugborough Beacon - D19E02

X12 - Western Beacon - D19E01


Dartmoor 365 book


        Check out the book for yourself, click here to go to Amazon

Dartmoor Map with Tors Handy Dartmoor Tor Map


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  • Jonathan Knights (Wednesday, May 12 21 04:25 pm BST)

    The links to the videos are now dead or the videos are private. I was really looking forward to seeing your videos. Is there any way to make them available again.
    Thanks Jonathan

  • Rob Hayward (Sunday, March 03 19 10:22 pm GMT)

    There is a second edition of the book out now with a much better map.
    Tom. Dartmoor was 365 square miles when the book was written, it has since expanded to 368.
    A special 1:25000 Dartmoor365 map with the grid overlaid is available from the facebook group (waterproof-ish or aluminium)

  • Mark Ollis (Tuesday, September 05 17 11:06 pm BST)

    I left the Wasdale mountain rescue team just over two years ago as we moved south but far too many call outs are caused by tushing to do the challenge in 24 hrs. Last year we took a group of students on the challenge over three days, staying in each valley and spending our money to support the local community. We still added in an extra challenge to ensure difficulty but it felt better than the manic rush.

  • Tom (Tuesday, August 22 17 08:29 am BST)

    Is Darmoor really 365 square miles?