Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Hiking on Dartmoor

When Nath and Trev decided to create the Youtube Channel Summit or Nothing, obviously the closest ground for them to train for mountain hiking was the 365 square miles of Dartmoor National Park.


Dartmoor offers some fantastic terrain for hiking, backpacking and wild camping, as well as other sports, and over the previous years, we have certainly made the most of this area. Some awesome rock formations, amazing vista's and an abundance of hard terrain have made our videos some of the most popular Dartmoor Hiking vlogs on the internet.


And below is every single Dartmoor hike, in the order that we went and done them. Please select the title or the thumbnail to watch the videos.


Please note - the Dartmoor Wild Camp videos can be found on a separate page.


Warning - Some orf our earlier may videos contain strong language.



Our first hike on Dartmoor and the first video from Summit or Nothing too; this day hike on Dartmoor's North Moor was a great introduction into hiking on Dartmoor.


With the goal of at training for the UK's three peeks, Dartmoor's highest point High Willhays seemed a great starting point for the lads to start their exploration of this amazing National Park.

Joined by Moby the dog, Nath and Trev start their journey at Sourton, taking in Shelstone Tor with awesome views of Meldon Reservoir, then over to the twisted oak forest of Black-a-Tor Copse which rests beneath the craggy outcrop of Black Tor. Then its the hard climb up to High Willhays (the highest spot south of the Brecon Beacons) and over to the majestic Yes Tor for some of the best panoramic views that Dartmoor has to offer. Then finally, its back over to Sourton Tors.


You can also Watch the video HERE!


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Nath trying to get his stove working.





The second outing on Dartmoor saw us once again paying a visit to the North Moor, in a failed attempt to hike to and find the isolated letterbox of Cranmere Pool.


Starting at Lane End in the Willsworthy area, we set off down the winding valley of the Tavy Cleave river, passing some picturesque riverside rockscapes along the way.


However, it soon became apparent that we had chosen one of the longest routes to Cranmere Pool and that we were not going to make it there and back within the day.


A last minute change of plan had us hike up the steep climb to Dartmoor's most remote Tor, Fur Tor for some fantastic views of the barren yet beautiful landscape that makes up Dartmoor's North Moor. 

You can watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - not reaching Cranmere Pool





Our third outing had us once again returning to Sourton, where we set off straight up the rocky face of Sourton Tors for a scramble to the top, and all with a rum hangover too.


Once up the top, we set off over the featureless Corn Ridge, locating the unimpressive Kitty Tor, before cutting over to the grand rock formation of Great Links Tor (via the ruins of the Old Rattlebrook pete works). 


After lunch, the afternoon's exploration is some of the best hiking that Dartmoor has to offer and takes in two more tors, Arms Tor and Brat Tor, home of the large granite monument Widgery Cross. Then it was a quick hike back over Great Nodden until finally returning to Soutron Tors.


You can watch this video here!


Interesting fact - First Summit or Nothing call (sort of) and first video to feature a musical soundtrack.





This epic hike was the first outing we had ever undertaken in poor weather. Again, on the North Moor, and with absolutely no visibility Nathan successfully managed to navigate our way from East Oakment Farm (near Okehampton Camp) to the top of Winter Tor then to Higher Tor, over the Irishman's Wall to Belstone Tor. 


We then made a massive journey in the white-out and successfully climbed another huge but featureless Dartmoor hill known as Cosdon Hill, where we even managed to locate Cosdon Beacon. From here, we ventured over to Little Hound Tor, stopping to take in our very first stone circle en-route to Hound Tor (not the Hound Tor), before we cut across to Nath's favourite location on Dartmoor, Steeperton Tor. 


Watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Not being able to get a true reading from our compasses





Also known as the Fern Debacle this walk actually took place in the Autumn of 2016, and came after our first Snowdonia adventure. It also marked our first outing to a part of Dartmoor which wasn't the North Moor.


Joined by Moby and an old friend Jon, the guys ventured to the Haytor area, a more popular area, that even at this time of the year was littered with tourists and sightseers. The mission today was to find Bowermans Nose, after Trev had received a painting of this landmark for his birthday.

Parking at Hemsworthy gate the lads climbed up to the summit Rippon Tor first off, before ducking back down, crossing the main road and heading up Saddle Tor. From there it was a trip across to the iconic Haytor for a spot of lunch. 


Unfortunately, it all went down here from here - when the lads tried to navigate across to Hound Tor, via Holwell Tor they somehow took a wrong turn and after crossing the idyllic Becka Brook river and spent the majority of their afternoon hacking through a fern forest. 


By the time they finally reached Hound Tor, Nath had received a call which cut the day short - they never did reach Bowerman's Nose on this day! 


You can watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - the fern forest and Trev not attempting the rope swing!





The first time hiking on Dartmoor in 2017, and still a slight layer of snow on the hills as we ventured around Burrator Reservoir on Dartmoor's southwestern side. We were after a steady-paced hike to get us back into the swing of it (Haytor had been 2-3 months ago) and this seemed like a great way to ease us back in.


Starting at the car park just South of the reservoir's dam, we headed north, keeping the reservoir on our right as we made our way up to Crofts plantation, before heading onto the open moor and finding the clitter strewn mountain that is Sharpitor.


Over to Leather Tor for a teetering ridge climb before dropping back down to the reservoir, tracking through woodland until we made the largest climb of the day up to the summit of Sheepstor


You can watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Nath rolling a log to help get over a fence - only to then seeing a gateway.





This episode was off of the back of a viewer request, George Post asked us to go in search of the famous twin falls of Venford.


So, we started the walk at another reservoir, and following both a map and a guide printed online, we began our quest. 


Apart from the riverside woodland, there wasn't a lot else to see this time, but at least we found the Twin Falls. 


Watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Walking for hours only to find the Twin Falls practically next to where we parked.





What was intended to be another hike and wild camp, turned out to be just a hike, as the hapless duo return to Dartmoor's North Moor for their second attempt to reach the elusive and isolated Cranmere Pool


Setting off once again from East Okement Farm, near Okehampton Camp, Nath and Trev at first head up to East Mill Tor, ticking off another Tor from the area. Then the long hike to Cranmere Pool.


After following a track for some distance, they reach the small pool of Ockerton Court which indicates the point where they now have to navigate their way through some unforgiving terrain, tussocky, water-drenched marshland.


By now the rain was starting to kick in too. By the time they reach Cranmere Pool they are down spirited, and the let down that is Cranmere Pool is no consolation, either. Their plan to go deeper into the desolate moorland is soon dismissed and they return to the car via Great Kneeset, Lint's Tor and Dinger Tor.


You can watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Nath's enthusiasm for Cranmere Pool and also for Trev's Dartmoor legend.





After a 3 month hiatus from Dartmoor, the boys (and Moby) return once again, this time, for a stroll through the mighty Fernworthy Forest and winter is well and truly setting in now. 


Wrapped up and geared up for winter, Nath has a luxurious new winter coat and Trev has trouble with his backpack - which is honestly why he made such a pigs ear of clambering over a wall.


They really go through 4 seasons in one day as they navigate through the forestry, taking a peek at the Froggymead stone circle and stone rows, before eventually breaking out onto the open moorland where they took in two Peakery highpoints, the featureless and very exposed White Ridge and the lone standing stone of Assycombe Hill


After the anticlimax of these two hills, its no wonder the Peakery highpoint challenge didn't really take off.


You can watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Trev struggling over a wall and another Dartmoor legend! 



This leisurely Dartmoor day hike was the first outing onto Dartmoor of 2018, and a much needed easy day after the Wet and Windy Winter Wild Camp and the Failed Brecon Beacons Wild Camp.


The walk is a great one, actually, with a variety of terrain and artifacts to take in.


Starting at the car park near Scorhill Farm at Gidleigh, and once onto the moors the boys found Scorhill Stone Circle, with great views across Gidleigh Common. Then, they head down to the Stone Rows and long stone at the bottom of the Shovel Down Common.


From here they navigated over to Thornworthy Tor, where the views of Fernworthy Forest and Reservoir were worth taking in. The next section got a little off track as they chose to walk straight across some uninviting marshy terrain to find Middle Tor.


From here, however the walking got better as they took in Kestor Rock and the Round Pound on their way over to Gidleigh Tor, which resides in the midst of the woodland.


A great walk, a good day and marks the start of Nath's interest in photography.


You can watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Trev models for Nath on top of Thornworthy Tor



After the Beast from the East, Nath and Trev decided to get out onto Dartmoor and catch some of the remaining snow.


Hiking near Princetown seemed the perfect location. Starting in the town, the lads first visited Dartmoor Prison, before then heading onto the snow-covered moor where their first stop was North Hessary Tor before heading down to take in the scenic icy remnants of Foggintor and Swelltor Quarries.


Then a hop across the moor to take in both Ingra Tor and Leeden Tor before the weather turned to rain for their walk home. 


You can watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Nath's snowy leap of faith, and Trev the mangina cihckening out. 



A great day for another Dartmoor day hike, and some more Dartmoor 365 squares ticked off as the lads come to the Dartmeet area for some more Dartmoor tor bagging and photography in this scenic area of the moor.


Parking at the car park at Yar Tor Down, the lads first head south to the settlements and hut circles overlooking Combestone Wood, before they wind their way down into the valley to the east where Nath tries his hand at some milky river shots.


Next a steep climb up to the first tor of the day, the impressive Sharp Tor with fantastic panoramic views of the Dart Valley Nature Reserve and their next destination, Mel Tor.


Carving their way around the private land of Rowbrook, the pair eventually make their way to Mel Tor, which is just as stunning as the former. There next destination, Bel Tor, also seems to be on private land, and so the pair give that a miss and head over to Corndon Tor, the highest point of the day, before taking in Yar Tor, with its impressive spiraling settlement remains.


You can watch the video here! 



Its the first outing of 2018, and Nath, Trev and Moby have headed to Peter Tavy for some hiking on Dartmoor as suggested by Max from Dartmoor . This 8-mile walk takes in some great sites from start to finish.


Parking at the car park beneath Smeardon Down, where the views beyond Burrator, across the rolling hills of Devon are stunning. After taking in that vista, they set off to look for Furze Tor and Set Tor, two small rocky outcrops that Max let us know of that are otherwise unmarked on the OS maps. 


Then, its high time that Trev shared with you another Dartmoor Legend, and so he heads on over to Stephens Grave to do just that. 


Heading up to White Tor for a spot of lunch (after taking in another of Dartmoor's many settlement remnants on the way up).


After dropping down into the valley and skirting around some old tin mines, Nath skillfully navigates up to some Cairnes on the way up to Roos Tor where Nath tries some panoramic photography. A quick hike over to Great Staple Tor before heading back beside Cox Tor, visiting Great Combe Tor and the Combe woods on the way back to the car.


Watch the video here! 



This was the straw that broke the Nathan's back. 

It had been snowing, and Trev and Nath made their way to Dartmoor to get up on the moors for some winter snow hiking. Nath found it harder work than Trev. The pair basically drove as close as they could to get to the moor and then aimed to head up to Cosdon Beacon to take in the 360degree panorama from there.


Setting off from Moor Farm, near Throwleigh, hiking onto the moor of Throwleigh Common soon got to be laborious. As Nath and Trev approached Shelly Pool, they weren't sure whether they were walking on land or across the top of the gorse.


They decided that crossing the river wasn't ideal in such icy conditions, and so turned back and decided to head back down to the road and try an alternative route, thus avoiding said watery obstacle. They then reentered the moor from Nine Stones.


It was a hard slog, about a 300m climb from the road to the top of Cosdon Beacon. They stopped briefly at a stone row en route, but then it all began to unravel. Nath, within metres from the top, decided he couldn't be bothered to do this any more, and so, for Trev ended this hike and this episode as he would continue from here on, alone.  


You can watch the video here! 



Starting at the picturesque Simmons Park in Okehampton, Trev has chosen to walk up a section of the Granite Way, beneath the edge of the North Moor, and end by meeting his family for a walk around the stunning Lydford Gorge.


From Okehampton Park, its a trip up and out, arriving at Okehampton Railway Station for a brief look about before finding our way to the Granite Way, which runs alongside the train track for the Dartmoor Railway.


The first place of interest along the way is Meldon Quarry, which eventually opens up onto Meldon viaduct, where the moorland views up Longstone Hill, looking towards High Willhays and Yes Tor is awesome.


As this is a cycle track, and constructed from an old train track, this is often a featureless walk, and its a while before arriving beneath Sourton Tors, where the views of the moorland are once again stunning. Further down, crossing over Lake Viaduct the views over the valley of Sourton Tors and Corn Ridge is worth taking a moment to appreciate.


Then, the walk is dominated by Devonian hillside views to the right, and the mountainous moorland tors to the left until the roads leading into Lydford, past Lydford Castle.


Lydford Gorge is an interesting 3mile walk, which is a National Trust location, so there is a quite steep charge to enter. 


You can watch the video here!



The first-ever Summit or Nothing guided charity walk raised an astounding £300 for Trev's Hospiscare Himalayan Trek and saw him joined by over 20 fantastic walkers, supporting the cause.


His brother Robin also joined the walk and taking control of the second camera got some fantastic interview footage with the motley crew of Summit or Nothing supporters, some of whom had traveled many miles to take part.


Starting at the village of Belstone at the very north of Dartmoor, the walk enters the moor via a track which runs beneath the eastern side of Belstone Tor and parallels the River Taw.


Views of Cosdon Hill to the right and the stunning valley of Metheral Hill and Steeperton Tor ahead dominate the first half of this walk until the group climbed the side of Oke Tor where the views of the Moors highest points (High Willhays and Yes Tor) open up. 


After the largest Summit or Nothing shout to date, Trev leads his merry men and women back across the heights of Higher Tor, over Irishman's wall and across Belstone Tor before ducking down and taking in the nine stones cairn circle. 


You can watch the video here! 



As a precursor to Trev's next guided walk for his Hospiscare Himalayan Trek fundraiser, Trev visited the Haytor area for a days hiking on Dartmoor where he tried out Country Walking Magazine's Mini Ten Tors walk. 

Starting just beneath the iconic and Dartmoor's most popular tor Haytor, this fantastic little ten mile circular walk takes in a great asortment of Tors and Rocks - Haytor, Saddle Tor, Rippon Tor, from here we dip down to Hemsorthy Gate on the way up to Pil Tor and Top Tor. These are the first handful of tors and all are relatively close together.

Then after passing Bonehill Rocks Trev visits Bell Tor on the way up to Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor. After this, he retreads some of the walk, turning off at Bell Tor and crossing Bonehill Down and heading over to Hound Tor Down to take in the famous Hound Tor, the inspiration for the debut Sherlock Holmes novel Hound of the Baskervilles


Then after walking beneath Greator Rocks, its the largest climb of the day up to Smallcombe Rocks and then a visit to the Haytor granite tramway on the way back to the car.


Watch the video here! 



The very next outing was the same as the last time, but this time I was joined by a dozen willing ramblers who all chucked some money towards my Hospiscare Fundraising 


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