Slide show of photos from our hikes
Slide show of photos from our hikes

Dartmoor Wild Camping Videos

About a year into Summit or Nothing, the lads decided that they should take advantage of the (almost kind of) free camping policy across Dartmoor, and so began to explore the avenue of wild camping. It certainly bought with it a whole new aspect to their channel with laughs and tears in abundance.  


Whether they were illegally wild camping where they shouldn't have been or trying to survive horrendous weather, the lads gave it a good crack regardless, documenting the highs and the lows alike. 


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Warning - some of our earlier videos contain strong language - so viewer discretion is advised.



A Great day hiking on Dartmoor,  exploring the Merrivale area, topped off with the first-ever Summit or Nothing wild camp atop the most prominent tor in the area, Great Mis Tor.


This area boasts some really fantastic Tors, and they are generally close by too, so its one of the best areas to hike on Dartmoor.


Starting at the roadside car park between Great Mis and Kings Tor along the B3357, the lads at first headed west to take in the Merrivale Stone Rows and Antiquities, before crossing the road and venturing up to Middle Staple Tor. Inland to Cox Tor from here, before returning to Great Staple Tor for a spot of lunch.


A quick hop over to Roos Tor before the massive climb up to Great Mis for the wild camp, in Nath's Vango Mirage 200. 


Watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Trev's revolting TCP tasting water, Trev struggling to repack his bag and Nath and Moby gassing Trev out in the tent! 



This lengthy video is an adventure from start to finish. Hiking on Dartmoor first, this tie in the Two Bridges Area, the boys combined two walks from John Earles 'Walking on Dartmoor' book, taking in various tors and sites of interest before finishing at another of Dartmoor's unique stunted oak forest's, Wistman's Wood.


The first part of this walk was made up of a collection of Tor's including Crockern Tor, Littaford Tor and Longaford Tor, Higher White Tor and Lower White Tor


Then, after finding the ruins of Browns House, the lads head up to summit Rough Tor, then to Devils Tor home of the impressive Beardown Man standing stone


A featureless and seemingly never-ending hike over to the triple summit of Beardown Tors next before finally retiring to Wistmans Wood, where Trev's back in Nath's Vango Mirage whilst Nath attempts to go really wild beneath the 3x2 Tarp set up. 


Watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moments - Carrying ridiculous amounts of weight on their backs, camping in one of the rare spots on Dartmoor where it is prohibited.


Interesting fact - the first time Trev tells one of his Dartmoor Legends! 



Celebrating a year of Summit or Nothing, Trev and Nath decided to follow a route suggested by a viewer, Andrew Ross, which bought them back once again to the north moor, and the very area that they walked back on day one. 


Starting near Okehampton Camp, the route takes them down the Red-a-ven Brook and around Homerton Hill where they take in the views of Meldon Reservoir


Then it's over to Black-a-tor Copse, and the long scramble and hike up to Dartmoor's highest point's High Willhays and Yes Tor. Then, they head over to West Mill Tor, where they camp just beneath.


Trev has his own tent this time, a Vango Banshee 200, and Nath is once again attempting to sleep in his 3x2 Tarp set up - but Moby the dog has other ideas.


In the morning, Trev enjoys some fantastic cloud inversions from Rowtor and he and Moby take in the military firing range miniature railway loop as featured on Ray Mears. 

Watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Nath has a horrendous night, which will soon become the norm.


Interesting fact - the first time the Summit or Nothing salute was performed in front of the camera



Its New Years Eve, and unlike most people, Trev and Nath have decided to spend it on Dartmoor, wild camping in torrential rain and gale force winds.


Starting their journey at one of their favourite spots, Sourton Tors, they navigate through the moors, sticking to tracks as much as they can untiol they find their way to Bleak House Ruins, which seems like a great place to camp.


Trev is once again in the Vango Banshee 200, but Nath has got his brand new DD Hammock Superlight Tarp to try out - and what a night to try it out too. 


As the rain begins almost as soon as they stop, the lads spend over 14 hours trapped in their shelters, battered down and hanging on for dear life as the wind and rain ravages them constantly. Oh well, it makes for a good video, though, eh?


Then, in the morning, some fantastic zero-visibility navigation on Nath's behalf see's them venture to Higher Dunna Goat and Great Links Tor before calling it a day. 


You can watch the video here.


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Pretty much the whole camp! 



Back to Dartmoor for a hike and wild camp, the day starts out with promise when the lads get recognised for the first time by a passer-by when filming the opening intro.

As the day continues, the weather hangs over the hiking duo like a bad omen, but this doesn't deter them from continuing with their wild camp.


Beginning near Dunnabridge Pound, this Dartmoor walk then continues onto the moor where they locate some more of Dartmoor's antiquities, a stone row and a standing stone beneath Laughter Tor, which is their next destination.

Then, navigating through the forestry to locate some hut circles, the pair make their way up to the vantage point of Bellever Tor - which offers some fantastic vista's... when it's not shrouded in cloud.


It seems like a great time to make their way to Bellever Forest for another typical Summit or Nothing Wet and Windy Dartmoor Wild Camp.


Watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Nath's tarp becoming emersed in a stream.



This 10 mile Dartmoor hike and wild camp explored some of the south moor. Starting out at the carpark just to the north of Gutter Tor, the lads took the bridleway along Ditsworthy Warren, a remote and barren landscape broken up only by the rare remains of the old Eyesbarrow tin mine.


From here some more featureless walking into the deep moor to locate the remote and rustic bunkhouse that is Nun's Cross Farm. Then, hiking along the Abbots Way, well, until they lost it that is, Nath and Trev make their way over to Higher Hartor before heading down once again onto Ditsworthy Warren for a closer look at some more of Dartmoor's stone rows and settlement remnants. 

Then, skirting beneath Eastern Tor, and taking in Ditsworthy Warren House, the lads finally make their way up to Gutter Tor, having a head to head water filter test on the way up (Nath with his MSR Trailshot and Trev with his Sawyer Mini.)


Once on Gutter Tor, its time for a two tarp wild camp, as both now own the DD Hammock Superlight Tarp. Trev finally did go down the tarp route, after all. 


You can watch the video here! 



A hike and (unintentionally) illegal wild camp in one of Dartmoor's most famous and popular hiking spots, this route and video boast some fantastic scenery, some outstanding tors and also some Dartmoor legends.


With summer in full swing, its one of the hottest days, and the lads are almost immediately struck by the extreme heat and the amount of insects in the air.


Setting off from Hound Tor car park, Nath and Trev head out north towards Hayne Down of Manaton CP in search of the majestic rock formation of Bowerman's Nose, where Trev divulges in the first Dartmoor legend of the day. 


Now its west, over Cripton Down to find the legendary Jays Grave, or the grave of Kitty Jay, where Trev tells the legend of this 200 year old grave, before the pair set off once again hiking along footpaths and roads through Natsworthy before finally making their way up Honeybag Tor, for some awesome panoramic views across to Haytor.


The walk becomes a stunning afternoon of hiking as the duo then hike to Bonehill Rocks via Chinkwell Tor and Bell Tor, where they are treated by absolutely amazing Dartmoor views. 


Then its over to Hound Tor to set up camp for the night, once again both lads pitching in their DD Hammocks Superlight Tarp tents.


You can watch the video here!



Determined this time to wild camp somewhere that they are allowed, and also to take in yet more Dartmoor 365 squares, Summit or Nothing's Natha nd Trev head to the South Moor for this weeks adventure. 


The boys arrive at Harford, parking at Harford Moor Gate where they then head East to Hangershell Rock.


They then pick up the two moors way onto Weatherdon Hill, passing Black Pool before reaching Dartmoor's most southern point and the most southern Tor - Western Beacon, overlooking Ivybridge.


From here, they head north, back onto the moor, via Butterdon Hill before cutting east over Beacon Plain to take in Ugborough Beacon. Then, picking up the two-moors way once again, the lads head into the bleak and barren moor to locate Sharp Tor, where they intend to wild camp for the night.


Overlooking Piles Copse, Sharp Tor seemed a great location to camp at, unfortunately someone else had the same idea, so the pair head back to set up camp back at Hangershell Rock, Nath once again in the DD Hammock's Superlight Tarp, and Trev in what will become one of his favourite tents, the Naturehike Cloud Up 2.


The fine weather that the lads hiked in soon turns to a typical Dartmoor night of strong wind and rain that keeps up throughout the night.


You can watch the video here! 


Interesting facts - the first time Trev took out the Naturehike Cloud Up 2 tent and the last time that Nathan would join Trev for a Wild Camp.


Classic Summit or Nothing moments - Trev's own attempt at a Dartmoor legend.



Determined not to let Nath's absence detract from the channel, Trev finally bites the bullet and heads out for his very first Dartmoor solo wild camp.


Starting at Lane End Car Park in the Willsworthy area, he first hikes up Nat Tor Down, and up to the summit of Ger Tor, where he was originally intending to camp. The terrain, however, isn't the greatest up here, and so Trev decides to make the short journey over to Hare Tor, to see if he can find a pitch for his first solo wild camp over there.


, and sets up his Naturehike Cloud Up 2 once again. And a cold October night ensues and even sees the first Dartmoor snowfall of the year settling on the ground outside his tent.


You can watch the video here!


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Almost losing his entire tent to the wind as he collapses it down.



Its Christmas, its Dartmoor, and Trev is getting into the swing of this solo wild camping milarkey and so he has ventured out once again on his todd for a wild camp up at Sheepstor.


Sheepstor is a great little tor overlooking Burrator reservoir and a place that Trev had always intended to return to, so armed with his Naturehike Cloud Up 2 tent, and packed like a one man band he made it the chosen destination to pitch.


And, to add a little extra quality content to an already awesome video (and because he has no one else to talk to and nothing better to do) Trev also discusses some top tips for winter hiking. 


You can watch the video here!



Minutes before Trev was heading out for another solo winter wild camp, the posttman arrived, delivering his latest toy, the 3FUL Gear Lanshan 2, ultralight backpacking tent that uses hiking poles to put it up.


So without any prior testing, he packed it up and made his way up onto Dartmoor's Oke Tor for a wild camp and a test run. 


Struggling to put up the tent properly, Trev was thankful for a still night, but having a summer version, a February winter wild camp was probably not the best test for it.


You can watch the video here! 



With Nath retiring from Summit or Nothing, Trev decided that now would be a great time to get out and meet some other YouTubers for some collaborations And who better to get out with than Thom from Off The Beaten Pot, who can cook a roast dinner on a Trangia stove

So, a spot of hiking, wild camping and trail cooking on Dartmoor was in order. Trev chose the South Moor, so he could get more of his Dartmoor 365 ticked off, starting at Cadover Bridge.


Navigating along the riverside and then skirting around Trowlesworthy Warren House the new acquaintances headed up to take in Trowlesworthy Tors, Little and Great, where Thom was more than happy to give it a Summit or Nothing shout! 


From here, crossing the bleak expanse of Lee Moor, they arrived at Hen Tor, where they stopped for their first cook up of the day - Thoms now-famous Chilli and Choritzo Pizza's, all cooked on the Trangia stove as mentioned, Trev borrowedThom'sTrangia mini to have a go himself.


All fed, the chaps then hiked across more thankless open moorland until they reached the trig point overlooking Broadall Gulf and the China Clay Pits, before skipping over towards Shell Top and then onto Penn Beacon


They set up camp on the flank of Penn Beacon, Trev in his Naturehike Cloud Up 2, Thom in his MSR Elixir 1, and using the DD hammocks Tarp as a communal area to cook the next meal of the day - Thom's Coconut and Spinach Dahl and Bannock Bread.


A calm night then takes a drastic turn for the worst as the wild camp is bombared by 60mph winds, and the adventure is cut short at about 5 in the morning. 


You can watch the video here!



Trev has moved closer to the moors, and having settled in, he took advantage of the glorious springtime weather to pop up to Dartmoor for a solo tarp and bivvy wild camp.


His destination? Branscombe's Loaf, a location that he and Nath had missed the last time they were in the area.


Starting out from the church carpark at Sourton, Trev then wondered up over Sourton Tors, and then on to Corn Ridge, where he found the Loaf and the Cheese, supposedly dropped by Branscombe in another Dartmoor legend. 

In the DD Hammocks Superlight Tarp, its a beautifully still night, with some amazing sunset and views, but surprisingly uncomfortable and noisy as Trev found out the hard way.

You can watch the video here! 



Joined by his good friend, Stan (who's real name is James), Trev once again returns to the Merrivale area for a gorgeous springtime hike and a bitterly cold winter wild camp on top of Great Mis Tor.

Starting at the car park on the B3357, opposite the track which leads up towards Little Mis Tor, at first the fellas head in the opposite direction, heading at first to Kings Tor, and then from there - over to the remains of both Swelltor and Foggintor Quarries


From here, Trev shows Stan how Summit or Nothing like to find the shittest routes ever and proceeds to walk them in a direct line across some horrendous terrain, eventually breaking out onto the firmer moorland to take in the Merrivale stone rows, before the long hike up to Great Mis to set up camp.

A beautiful night for it, Trev is out once again in the Lanshan 2, and has lent Stan his Naturehike Star River 2.   


You can watch the video here!



Joined once again by Thom from Off The Beaten Pot, Trev has ventured to Dartmoors south moor for some more hiking, wild camping and trangia cooking on Dartmoor.


This route has been chosen by Thom, with the sole purpose of finding The Braod Falls, located deep within the moor.


Setting off after work on a Friday, the lads arrive at Shipley Bridge where they then squelch their way through some disgusting terrain before making their way up the southern flank of Black Tor where they set up camp for the night. This time, Trevs bought his OEX Phoxx 2 tent, and Thom again is in his MSR Elixir 1, not forgetting the DD Hammocks Superlight Tarp once again thrown up for the mess tent and communal area. 


On the menu tonight, Trangia cooked cottage pie!


In the morning, its back on the trail, and the pair traverse Brent Moor before passing the phallic-shaped Rider's Ring Settlements on their way up Broad Rushes to the impressively huge cairn of Eastern White Barrow.


Ducking down towards Buckland Ford where the lads top up their water with their Sawyer Mini Water Filters. They then travel up the stream (Thom finding as many boggy patches as he can on his way up) until they find Broad Falls, another of Dartmoor's greatest anti-climaxes?


But, its not over yet. Picking up the Two Moors Way, the lads take an alternative route back to Shipley Bridge via Huntingdon Cross, Bishops Meads and the Avon Dam Reservoir.


You can watch the video here!



Just a quick Dartmoor wild camping video here, as Trev visits Doe Tor, tests out yet another tent, the Naturehike Star River 2 and ticks off one more missing square  of his Dartmoor 365 - he has been to every surrounding square (Brat Tor to the North, Hare Tor to the East, Wilsworthy to the South and Lydford to the West).


He also partakes in a bit of navigation testing when he tries to locate a water spring and attempts Thoms Chilli and Chorizo Pizza's on his brand new Trangia Mini Stove


You can watch the video here! 


Typical Summit or Nothing moment - Trev tipping meths in his pizza mix instead of water



Joined by his middle child (son Coen) Trev returns to Dartmoor at the summers end for a brief hike and a night of wild camping on top of Great Staple Tor. 


It was an honour to want to be accompanied by one of his children, and so he gave Coen the choice of where they were to go - Coen chose Roos Tor in the Merrivale area.

After walking up Middle Staple and then to Great Staple Tor, it became apparent that someone was already camping on Roos Tor, so they made do with the ample space of Great Staple to set up camp, and visited Roos in the morning.

In the Lanshan 2 father and son spend a chilly night, but the young adventurer seems to take to it like a duck to water, declaring that he is Summit or Nothing - The Next Generation


Great banter, intrusive foxes, nosey horses and demonic sheep made this special episode of Summit or Nothing one to remember.


Watch the video here! 


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